By Avinash Meetoo

Located in the Upper Plaines Wilhems district of Mauritius and about twenty kilometers south of Port Louis, the city of Quatre Bornes is home to about 76 thousand residents. This is primarily a residential area and less of a tourist area but visitors can find much to see and do in this quaint small city.

Also called the Town of Flowers, Quatre Bornes is surrounded by fields that are home to myriad flowers and blooming plants. In addition, the nickname is also appropriate for the colorful and happy citizens who truly love their city.

Quatre Bornes is as vibrant and as busy as the country’s capital city of Port Louis. While not as large, Quatre Bornes makes up for its lack of size by offering a variety of things to do and see. Of those, the Quatre Bornes market is a regular draw for both locals and tourists. This vibrant market is held each Thursday and Saturday and many Mauritian goods can be found here as well as local produce and high end textiles at greatly reduced prices.

Visiting Quatre Bornes at the beginning of the year is a great time. It is during this time that an annual festival called Cavadee is held and this festival celebrates the country’s Mauritian-Indian culture and roots.

Quatre Bornes, or Four Boundaries, offers both residents and tourists a host of things to see and do. From the selection of discos including the Queen’s Club, Palladium and Zeenex to the plethora of bars and restaurants, there is much to keep one entertained through the night hours.

One can find a variety of restaurants in Quatre Bornes including those featuring Mauritian specialties to more traditional French fare and even pizza. A few easily recognizable fast food chain restaurants have tried to establish themselves in Quatre Bornes with limited success.

The Trianon Shopping Center is also in Quatre Bornes and it is here that you’ll find a variety of shops and services in addition to the wildly popular Nando’s restaurant. This international chain offers their famous chicken peri peri that is a spiced and grilled chicken dish.

Despite being largely a residential area, Quatre Bornes also has a variety of hotels to appease the international traveler be he there for business or pleasure. Quatre Bornes is a great, central location to stay in when wanting to explore the entire island country.

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