Mauritius and the Mascarene Islands lie to the south of the Seychelles Archipelago, and this latter group of humidly tropical islets is another of the Indian Ocean's major tourist attractions. Tourists can easily hop from one set of islands to the other can thus get to experience the best of both worlds.

The two most popular methods of travelling from Mauritius to the Seychelles are by air and by sea. The Seychelles boasts one international airport, which lies just outside of the city of Victoria - the island nation's capital on the isle of Mahe - as well as several local airports, like that found on the island of Praslin. All international Mauritian flights, furthermore, depart from the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport at Plaisance, situated to the south-east of the island.

Given that the two island chains are often explored in tandem, there are several carriers - including Air Seychelles - that offer direct flights between the two countries. The majority, if not all, of these flights can be booked online, and there are even a certain percentage of packages where bookings can be placed directly with the carrier and where, as a result of this direct booking policy, no extraneous fees are payable.

Another way to get from Mauritius to the Seychelles is by cruise-ship, but the majority of these Mauritius-to-Seychelles jaunts would be part of a planned cruise itinerary and would, therefore, possibly not be available to tourists who just wish to travel from one island group to the other.

Although it may, furthermore, be possible to charter a luxury yacht that could travel the 1,000-odd miles between Mauritius and the Seychelles, it is perhaps not advisable to do so as a skipper would have to negotiate not only the ocean waves but also a lot of local red tape to obtain berthing rights in the Seychelles.

These rules, although rather irritating, have improved a lot since the 1990s and are mainly still in place as the Seychelles government is trying to preserve the delicate coral reef ecosystems that surround most of the islands and banks.

Apart from Mauritius, the isle of Rodrigues, Réunion and the 155 islands that constitute the Seychelles Archipelago, the western Indian Ocean is also home to the fascinating land of Madagascar, the Maldives and the entrancing Comores, which, together, are more than enough to keep the average tourist busy for several years.

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