The name "Bain Boeuf" may have a pedestrian translation - the beautifully sounding words literally mean "beef bath" - but this secluded Mauritian beach is possessed of an otherworldly loveliness that promises rest and relaxation and is the ultimate Mauritian seaside rendezvous.

The beach may have been named Bain Boeuf when all that was led to the water from nearby Cape Malheureux was cattle, but, nowadays, this pristine seaside paradise is populated almost solely by visitors to the Mauritian isle.

The sight of this waterfront - framed by low-hanging branches - with its inviting although slightly rocky caramel colored shore, its eggshell-blue-shading-to-cerulean waters and its neatly thatched dusky brown palm-frond umbrellas is enough to tell every lost traveler that he’s come home at last.

For those who are not content simply to lie in the sun and soak up its gleamingly golden rays, there is swimming in the almost translucent waters as well as sailing in the sparkling white yachts that linger offshore like a flock of seagulls dozing on the water.

Those lounging on this north-facing beach are also treated to a wonderful view of Coin du Mire, a stark rocky islet lying 22km off the Mauritian coastline where the only attractions are the facilities offered by the Coin du Mire Hotel and the remnants of the ancient Dutch sugar plantation.

There are several accommodation options available for those wishing to set up base camp close to Bain Boeuf, and these range from fairly luxurious 3 and 4 star hotels to extremely well put together self catering villas.

Swimming pools, fitness centers and first-rate restaurants serving colorful Mauritian cuisine would all be part of a typical Bain Boeuf vacation package, and it should be remembered that this secluded beach is also close to several other tourist hotspots including Mont Choisy beach and Great Bay.

The island's capital, Port Louis, is itself only 30 miles away from Bain Boeuf, and there are several attractions along the way that would make a day-trip to the beefy beach well worthwhile.

The area immediately adjacent to the shore actually takes its name from the beach, and "Bain Boeuf" can therefore refer to either the beach or the surrounding area. Whether they visit beach or beachfront property, however, visitors to Mauritius can be sure that memories of the time spent at beautiful Bain Boeuf will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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