Located only 15 kilometers from the capital city of Port Louis, Ebene City is a relatively new addition to the island of Mauritius and has provided a much needed boost to both the economy of the island as well as to the country's standing in the global information technology sector.

Designed to be an information and technology hub for Mauritius, construction of Ebene City began in 2001. It has since grown to be a link between Asian and African technology markets and is referred to locally as Cyber City. Today Ebene is home to a variety of international high tech and IT companies, as well as a multitude of call centers.

The pride of Cyber City is the Ebene Cyber Tower. This 12 story commercial building was completed in 18 months and is easily recognizable by its gray stone and blue glass façade. This building has been internationally recognized as the “Intelligent Building of the Year” in 2005. Ebene Cyber Tower was designed to be the focal point of the government’s plan to solidify communication and information technologies as a part of the country’s economy.

The seemingly overnight success of Cyber Tower One inspired the government to approve the building of Cyber Tower Two, which has also been completed. This has done much to move the island nation toward the government’s goal of Mauritius becoming a cyber island.

The construction of Ebene has provided the country with many much needed jobs and as a result the surrounding area has developed into a residential area that is also home to a Sheraton hotel that caters to international business travelers. There are any number of other hotel options just a short drive from Ebene.

There isn’t much in Ebene proper other than commercial buildings and residences, but Cyber City is only a fifteen minute drive from Port Louis where one can find all the restaurants, bars, nightlife and other entertainment venues one will ever need. In addition, Ebene is very close to the shopping district of Quatre Bornes as well as Curepipe, and is only a short drive from any number of stellar beaches.

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