Spa Mauritius

There are three types of spa facilities in Mauritius. The first type of spa in Mauritius is the independent, stand alone spa center. These small day spas offer standard services such as massage, manicures, pedicures, facials and other basic spa services. Usually not affiliated with any hotels or resorts, these spas are the no frills option to spa services in Mauritius.

The second type of spa on the island is the spa center located in a hotel. Many of the larger hotels on the island offers some sort of spa and fitness services. These spas have an expanded line of offerings and can include some of the more exotic treatments such as aromatherapy, wraps or specialized services such as after sun care for your skin. In addition, these spas usually offer a variety of types of massages such as shanti, shiatsu, lymphatic and more.

The spa technicians at the spa center in a hotel are often better trained and are generally well managed to ensure world class service. The surroundings in these hotel based spa centers are often carefully designed to provide the right balance of healing and luxury that blends into an artfully created atmosphere that is usually quite stunning. From tranquil ponds and infinity pools to sheltered nooks for meditating, the spa centers in the hotels on Mauritius are definitely world class.

The third kind of spa on Mauritius is the spa resort. These ultra luxurious resorts combine the best of all things spa with the usual offerings of a hotel but the focus is on healing and relaxation. These resorts are typically smaller than some of the large scale hotels, and they are designed to be more intimate and less sterile than a traditional hotel.

Spa resorts on Mauritius are world renowned for their luxury, services and cuisine. It is at these resorts that you can experience the widest range of services all set in lush sub tropical gardens with the azure waters of the Indian Ocean in the background. These resorts focus on cleansing and healing the entire body and mind. In addition to spa services you can also participate in a variety of activities such as meditation, yoga and more.

The cuisine offered in these spa resorts is designed to be as beneficial to our bodies as possible while maintaining world class standards. Ingredients are chosen for their healthful properties and meals are presented as edible works of art.

No matter how you choose to spend your spa time while on Mauritius you’re sure to be well treated and properly pampered. Mauritius is emerging as one of the leaders in sublime spa offerings and as such the competition on the island for having the best services and most luxurious surroundings is ongoing, all to the delight of their patrons.

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