Grand Baie, Mauritius

Located in the district of Pamplemousse, the village of Grand Baie is situated on the western side of the most northern point of Mauritius.

Grand Baie is easily the most popular tourist destination on the island. The tourist boom began in the 1960’s and the village of Grand Baie scrambled to accommodate the sudden need for hotels, restaurants and other services and facilities required by tourists. The result of the sudden construction is viewed by some as a haphazard and unsightly, though highly popular tourist area. In addition to the uncoordinated construction, many acres of wetlands were filled in to make more room for construction. The result has outraged much of the local population of the island as well as conservationists the world over.

Others of course, are there for the emerald waters, pristine beaches and fabulous nightlife. These tourists are drawn to the area by the number of large scale resorts and hotels as well as a plethora of self-catering vacation properties. In addition, the horseshoe shaped bay is lined with restaurants, shops and boutiques as well as bars and discos.

Grand Baie offers visitors a great location for a holiday. The waters of the bay are sheltered and safe for a variety of watersports including sailing, swimming, water skiing, windsurfing and more. The beaches are clean and pristine, and the sun is always hot.

Grand Baie is a popular vacation location for those who are interested in deep sea fishing. This area has more boat charter companies than any other spot on the island and this level of competition helps keep prices reasonable so you can go after that trophy blue marlin.

Boat trips to the smaller islands north of Mauritius such as Flat Island, Round Island and Serpent Island also depart from Mauritius. There are nearly one hundred of these tiny islets located around Mauritius, many of which are protected nature reserves, aviaries or for just cruising around exploring.

Mauritius is also the launch point for helicopter tours of the island and the outlying islets. This is a popular, though pricey excursion. Other nearby attractions include the Black River Gorges National Park, the Sir Seewosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, the Blue Penny Museum which houses a fantastic stamp collection as well as the Casela Bird Park. Or consider an undersea adventure as you walk on the ocean floor.

For the after dark crowd, Grand Baie is home to a variety of bars, restaurants and discos as well as nightclubs. Many of these are independent of the hotels and restaurants and offer a more local atmosphere.

Grand Baie is a great vacation destination for the young and the young at heart. It has plenty of everything to please families, or young adults in search of adventure

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