Tamarin Falls, Mauritius

The Tamarin River is a river located in the southwestern portion of Maruitius, and is the primary outflow for a lake called Mare aux Vocoas. This is the country’s largest lake, and from it the Tamarin River flows in a westerly direction until it reaches the Indian Ocean close to the city of Tamarin. The total length of its journey from lake to ocean is about 12 kilometers.

About two kilometers from the Mare au Vacoas Lake are the Tamarin Falls. These falls are a stunning series of seven cataracts on the Tamarin River proper. These stunning falls are well worth the effort to get to. One of the falls plunges more than 300 meters into a lagoon type basin at the bottom.

These falls are difficult to get to but many experienced tours and guided hikes are available. One such company, Vertical World Adventures, offers a canyoning tour to the falls that includes jumps, climbing, zip lines and basin crossing. This is one of the more adventurous ways to reach the falls. They can accommodate beginners in a half day adventure to the falls, or the more experienced might choose a full day adventure.

Less strenuous hiking tours to the falls can be arranged through most hotels and resorts. These are often four hour packages that go through cane fields, dirt tracks and slippery rock paths near the falls. The exertion is well worth it as you’ll have plenty of time to swim under the falls or just stand under the cascades enjoying a natural massage.

Nature lovers, bird watchers and lovers of all growing exotics will enjoy a hike to these mountains, though it may be a bit stressful for youngsters or less fit older folks. However, even those who don’t want to hike can still view the falls from a distance. Most taxi drivers know the best places from which to view the falls. Just arrange your price ahead of time and book the taxi through the hotel. Some less than reputable drivers will take you to less savory areas where pick pocketing and petty theft can be problematic.

Regardless of how you get to the falls, be sure to pack sun lotion, bug spray and an extra set of clothing, and wear a sturdy pair of shoes. Most of the larger tours offer lunch en route or at the end of the tour, as well as provide bottled water throughout your hike.

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