Fishing in Mauritius - Deep Sea + Big Game Charter Trips

Deep sea fishing off the coast of Mauritus is quickly becoming an internationally recognized hotspot for game fishing aficionados. With multiple world fishing records for the catch of many fish including sharks, tuna, and blue marlin, this tiny country offers up big fish for the catching.

Even though deep sea fishing is a year round sport, the best season is from October through April. This is when the giant blue marlin can be found lurking close to shore. The blue marlin is a huge fish that is known for its fighting ability and remains one of the most highly sought after game fish in the world. And Mauritius has plenty of these leviathans lurking in the deep waters surrounding the island. Battles with these giant fish can last well past three hours and the longest battle on record lasted 26 hours before the line finally broke.

Mauritius has also been the host of the internationally recognized Marlin World Cup that is held every year at different locations.

The calm waters of the Indian Ocean around Mauritius are home to a variety of other fish including sharks like the hammerhead, tiger, mako and black fin as well as tuna, bonitos and barracuda. Boat charters can be arranged mostly in Grand Baie through companies like Sport Fisher Charters , though smaller outfits can be found in many of the other coastal towns and ports.

Boat charters usually rent out by the day or half day and are equipped with all the equipment and bait you could possibly want. Many of the charter boat companies advocate catch and release and anglers the world over will agree that this is a healthy practice.

Fishing safaris are another popular sport that involves coastal or inland waters and generally smaller fish. Typical catch include bone fish, kingfish, giant trevally, barracuda and more. These excursions are led by an experienced angler who will provide you with all the equipment you will need. You can choose from fly fishing, rock or surf angling and while you may not catch the monstrous blue marlin you will certainly have an exciting time. Like their deep sea counterparts, many of these fishing expeditions advocate catch and release so be sure to bring a camera.

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