While there certainly are accommodating bus routes and inexpensive taxi services on Mauritius, renting a car remains one of the easiest ways to get around the island. Granted, you’re going to pay a bit more for the sole use of the vehicle, but it is so worth it if you’re of an adventurous spirit.

One of the less obvious benefits of renting your own car while on vacation in Mauritius is that you alleviate the need for haggling with taxi drivers. When you rent the vehicle you pay one fixed price depending on the kind of car you want and the duration. Taxi drivers can be fairly aggressive in their haggling especially if communication is an issue.

Car rental kiosks are available at all the major hotels as well as the airports. They are also located along the major roads leading away from the airport or nearby the main resort areas. Renting a car directly from your hotel or the airport is likely the most convenient though prices will be slightly lower if you rent a car from outside the hotel or airport.

There are a variety of car rental companies in Mauritius, though the larger international car rental companies are going to be your best choice in terms of reliability and service. Local companies will compete against the international brands by offering lower prices.

Prices for a car rental in Mauritius can start at around 25 Euros per day for an economy, compact car, of course depending on the make and model. Prices in the 45 to 55 Euro range will get you a standard sedan, or if you have the money to spare and want to travel in style 90 to 105 Euros per day will get you an Alfa Romero or BMW.

Car rentals usually include unlimited mileage and accident insurance. Companies may differ with additional fees to cover collision damage, or theft protection insurance. Of course you’re responsible for your own petrol, and there is a 15% VAT so be aware of that when renting.

Driving in Mauritius can provide a bit of an adjustment at first. Cars are driven on the left hand side of the road like in the United Kingdom which can be a bit of an adjustment for some visitors.

Renting a car in Mauritius is one of the best ways to see the country on your own time. Consider what you would pay for a guided tour, the car rental is likely to be cheaper. Petrol, however, is expensive so be aware of that when mapping out your vacation with your rented car.

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