Traveling to Mauritius is fairly simple in terms of regulations for entry into the country. For most, a visa is not required. Citizens, residents, children and spouses of citizens are exempt from requiring a visa to enter the country as are those who are working on a vessel that is in transit, or those who might be for example, on a cruise and will be departing when the ship departs.

There are a few other less common exemptions such as those who hold diplomatic passports from a handful of countries.

That does not mean that everybody else must obtain a visa prior to visiting the country. Far from it! In fact, Mauritius has a long list of countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America that require no visa at all. Conversely, there are also several countries from which travelers to Mauritius must obtain a visa.

Anybody traveling to Mauritius for the purposes other than business or tourism or visiting must obtain a visa. This includes people who are looking for employment or who wish to study in Mauritius. In addition, normally visitors are allowed a maximum of three months for their stay and anybody wishing to stay longer than that will require a visa.

Visitors from several African countries, Middle Eastern countries as well as some Eastern European countries must obtain visas prior to arrival in Mauritius. Travelers from Fiji, Iceland, China, the Ukraine and more are issued a 60 day visa upon arrival. Some countries are issued a visa upon arrival that is only valid for two weeks.

While travelers from most countries don’t require visas and a visitors from a host of others countries are issued visas upon arrival, it is best to check ahead of time and give yourself plenty of time (one month is recommended) in which to apply for your visa prior to arriving in Mauritius. The application process is straight forward and no fee is required.

The following website has a complete list of all the countries and if travelers from those countries must obtain a visa prior to visiting Mauritius or not:

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