There are plenty of amazing honeymoon packages that send newlyweds off for fun in the sun on the isle of Mauritius, and there is only one thing that could possibly be better than enjoying a honeymoon package on this gorgeous isle: actually holding the wedding on the sun-drenched Mauritian shores.

It isn't as hard as some people may think for non-Mauritian citizens to get married in Mauritius, and there are several companies that are based on the island and that specialize in organizing all that would be required for the wedding to take place.

Mauritian marriage-brokers are, in fact, able to guide their affianced visitors through all relevant wedding-related red tape, and they are also able to organize spectacular island weddings and reception ceremonies. Engaged couples working on a budget should also not worry about cost as there are Mauritian wedding packages to suit all sizes of pockets.

Couples getting married in Mauritius can choose between large and ostentatious ceremonies to which all of their friends and family would be invited and small and intimate services where they would be the only two honored guests. Most of the Mauritian made-to-order weddings take place on the island's pristine beaches, and, as these beaches are usually fairly deserted during the week, this would be the ideal time to get hitched.

Typical Mauritian wedding packages also include the bride's bouquet and the groom's buttonhole as well as, among other things, stunning floral decorations, a scrumptious wedding cake and enticing cocktails on the beach. A wedding photographer is usually also part of the package, and the lucky couple will be presented with a wedding album full of pictures to cement their ceremony forever in their memories.

If a wedding conducted on the beach isn't exciting enough, there is always the thrilling option of getting married on a catamaran. Sunset catamaran weddings are the ultimate in Mauritian weddings, and there is nothing quite like repeating wedding vows while sailing across one of the island's lovely lagoons on a perfect tropical evening.

Catamaran wedding packages also include champagne cocktails, tasty snacks and exquisite decorations made of exotic flowers and fruits, and these beautifully appointed boats - although small - can make space for up to six guests.

Those who get married on Mauritius - and then stay on to enjoy their honeymoon in paradise - will remember their island ceremony for the rest of their lives.

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