Mauritius is a tropical country, and as such does not have the four seasons we are accustomed to in the UK. Instead, the island remains hot all year round, with two key seasons - the summer and the winter.

With temperatures averaging 25-30C all year round there is never a bad time to visit Mauritius, and a fresh sea breeze manages to keep the heat of the day at a sensible level. As the island lies in the Southern Hemisphere the summer lasts between November and April, where temperatures may rise as high as 35C, with occasional spells of rain to break the heat of the day.

From May to October the island experiences cooler weather, with temperatures hovering around 25C, and cooler evenings with less humidity in the air, and the tail end of the season is a fine time for walks exploring the island.

There are occasional cyclones between December and April which generally serve to cool the hot weather and largely pass by with no more than a bout of heavy rain. Weather stations track their progress so your hotel will be able to give you advance warning should any inclement weather be on the way.

Annual Average Temperatures
Average Temperatures in Mauritius

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