Located near the eastern coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district, Île aux Cerfs was once known as Deer Island though today the deer have all disappeared. Today it remains one of the world’s most beautiful islands and is a must see destination while in Mauritius.

Île aux Cerfs is world renowned for its white sandy beaches, azure waters and stunning lagoon. The entire area is as beautiful as magazine pictures - so much so that you’re sure can’t possibly exist because it's simply too beautiful.

The island is most easily accessible from the town of Trou d’Eau Douce. From here you can negotiate a price for travel by boat to the island, but come early and plan to spend the day on the island.

In addition to picturesque beaches and warm blue waters, on the island you’ll find every conceivable water sport including snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, glass bottom boat tours, banana boat rides and more. Activities on the island aren’t just limited to the water as there is also a golf course on the island. A neighboring hotel called the Touessrok is located just off the coast and maintains a private islet adjacent to the Île aux Cerfs and is reserved for guest use only.

There are a variety of restaurants on the island offering a range of international as well as local cuisines. Unfortunately the food is reported to be mediocre and on the expensive side, but you’ll not lack for variety.

There are a variety of full day tours that offer a variety of transportation methods and activities while en route to the Île aux Cerfs. You can arrive via the mainland by speed boat, yacht or catamaran, and for those who can afford it, by helicopter. Most of these organized tours include lunch and beverages throughout the day and can be a much more economical alternative given the relatively high prices for food and drinks on the island.

One of the more unusual tours to the island is by Pirate Cruise. On board a replica pirate boat complete with two masts and five sails, the crew treats you to a show, live music and dancing. The cruise to the island includes a visit to the Grand River waterfall.

Visiting Île aux Cerfs is considered an essential must-do when visiting Mauritius. Yes, the scenery and beaches on Mauritius are stunning but there is a saying about the Île aux Cerfs: God made this island paradise first and the rest of the world second.

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