An Introduction To Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island, deep within the Indian Ocean, many nautical miles from the coast of Madagascar. Mauritius is famed for its perfect white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees, its coral reefs and deep blue lagoons brimming with tropical fish, appearing to many as a kind of paradise on their visits to the island.

Grand Bay

The area known as Grand Bay lies in Mauritius's northern-most region and manages to combine some of the best sand, sun and surf that the isle has to offer with scintillating nightclubs, top-notch restaurants and camaraderie-filled bars.

Belle Mare Plage

Belle Plage - or, as it is also known, Belle Mare Plage - is one of Mauritius's finest beaches, and no other sandy shore on this wonderful island can lay claim to quite the same level of peace and tranquility as Belle Plage.

Lying snugly against the north-east side of the island, Belle Mare Plage is known far and wide for its calm waters - calm thanks to the deep coral-reef-protected lagoon that lies just offshore - and its almost unbelievably white sand.

Bain Boeuf, Mauritius

The name "Bain Boeuf" may have a pedestrian translation - the beautifully sounding words literally mean "beef bath" - but this secluded Mauritian beach is possessed of an otherworldly loveliness that promises rest and relaxation and is the ultimate Mauritian seaside rendezvous.

The beach may have been named Bain Boeuf when all that was led to the water from nearby Cape Malheureux was cattle, but, nowadays, this pristine seaside paradise is populated almost solely by visitors to the Mauritian isle.

The Island of Rodrigues, Mauritius

Rodrigues is one of the Mascarene Islands - along with Mauritius itself, Réunion, the volcanic remnant of Cargardas Carajos and several banks - and these small sub-tropical paradises float in the Indian Ocean's azure waters like a strand of emerald jewels.

The island of Rodrigues may be remote but it is, nevertheless, a popular tourist destination. Although it's the smallest island in the Mascarene Archipelago and a Mauritian dependency, it has a lot to offer in terms of both adventure vacation activities and natural and manmade attractions.

Port Louis: The Capital of Mauritius

Named after France's Louis XV and colloquially known as "the key of the Indian Ocean", Port Louis is not only the capital of Mauritius but also its largest city.

Ebene Cyper City Mauritius

Located only 15 kilometers from the capital city of Port Louis, Ebene City is a relatively new addition to the island of Mauritius and has provided a much needed boost to both the economy of the island as well as to the country's standing in the global information technology sector.

Grand Baie, Mauritius

Grand Baie, Mauritius

Located in the district of Pamplemousse, the village of Grand Baie is situated on the western side of the most northern point of Mauritius.

Quatre Bornes Town

By Avinash Meetoo

Located in the Upper Plaines Wilhems district of Mauritius and about twenty kilometers south of Port Louis, the city of Quatre Bornes is home to about 76 thousand residents. This is primarily a residential area and less of a tourist area but visitors can find much to see and do in this quaint small city.

Also called the Town of Flowers, Quatre Bornes is surrounded by fields that are home to myriad flowers and blooming plants. In addition, the nickname is also appropriate for the colorful and happy citizens who truly love their city.

Flic En Flac - Guide to the beach, attractions and activities

Flic en Flac is Mauritius’ second most popular tourist area. Located in the Black River district on the western coast, this area has the nicest of the island’s beaches. The beaches in Flic en Flac are protected by coral reefs as well as from the wind by a nearby mountainous range.

The name Flic en Flac comes from the Dutch phrase “Fried Landt Flaak” that translates as Free and Flat Land. Originally a tiny fishing village, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that tourists began noticing this area.

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