The Bird Garden of Casela

Of all the attractions that the sylvan isle of Mauritius has to offer, the Bird Garden of Casela must, by far, be one of the most unusual.

Seldom does a natural wildlife preserve try to concentrate on just one class of animal but this one does, and the Casela Bird Garden prides itself in being an avian haven without parallel.

Ganga Talao Lake

Hindu Gods along the Ganga Talao

Deep in Mauritius' Savanne District - and almost lost in the dense and unexplored jungle that covers the island's southern-most tip - lies the mysterious and sacred lake known as Ganga Talao.

Hindu devotees from all across the island - and the world - come to worship on the shores of this holy lake, which is one of the island's most well known tourist attractions.

Villa Eureka - Creole Museum + Colonial Mansion

Mauritius is renowned for its watersports and outdoor activities, but, in the midst of all the sailing and hiking, visitors to this intriguing country should take time to savor its history by visiting the charming Villa Eureka

Villa Eureka - a Creole colonial mansion that masquerades as a museum - is located in the island's western quarter near Moka town and lies peacefully in the shadows of the majestic Moka Mountains.

L'Ile Aux Cerfs Island, Guide to Watersports and Golf Course

Located near the eastern coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district, Île aux Cerfs was once known as Deer Island though today the deer have all disappeared. Today it remains one of the world’s most beautiful islands and is a must see destination while in Mauritius.

Île aux Cerfs is world renowned for its white sandy beaches, azure waters and stunning lagoon. The entire area is as beautiful as magazine pictures - so much so that you’re sure can’t possibly exist because it's simply too beautiful.

Tamarin Falls, Mauritius

Tamarin Falls, Mauritius

The Tamarin River is a river located in the southwestern portion of Maruitius, and is the primary outflow for a lake called Mare aux Vocoas. This is the country’s largest lake, and from it the Tamarin River flows in a westerly direction until it reaches the Indian Ocean close to the city of Tamarin. The total length of its journey from lake to ocean is about 12 kilometers.

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