Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island, deep within the Indian Ocean, many nautical miles from the coast of Madagascar. Mauritius is famed for its perfect white sandy beaches fringed with palm trees, its coral reefs and deep blue lagoons brimming with tropical fish, appearing to many as a kind of paradise on their visits to the island.

Yet Mauritius offers more to the interested visitor than just rest and relaxation on beautiful beaches. Thanks to its rich history the island is home to a wide variety of cultures, languages and religions that co-exist peacefully, with Christian, Muslim, Hindus and Tamils all living harmoniously together in a culture of mutual respect. The island is also a haven to an exceptional array of flora and fauna, from beautiful flowers, fragrant spices and a teeming bird life, to the sheltered coral reefs that are buzzing with tropical fish, corals and sea creatures.

For the gourmets Mauritius has its own cuisine - a creole combination of Indian, French and African flavours - and for those who enjoy their sunsets Mauritius has a fine tradition of making its own rum, fresh from the fields of sugar cane, and at times flavoured with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and other spices.

With its warm climate, beautiful landscapes and intriguing culture, it is no surprise Mauritius has become such a popular destination for holiday makers, honeymoons or anyone who really deserves a special treat.